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pre-graduate school :: this was the portfolio i used for my application to graduate school

graduate school :: these links below download pdf examples of work done at the GSD

Coffee, Cake, CAD/CAM :: Re-Inventing the Urban Diner :: Kimo Griggs, Martin Bechthold :: Fall 2002

Temporal Fields :: Vincent James :: Spring 2003

Open Figures :: Ron Witte :: Fall 2003

Algorithmic Architecture :: Kostas Terzidis :: Fall 2003

Theory Lecture :: Sandford Kwinter :: Spring 2003

Resume :: this is a current but changing resume in pdf format

please return to this page often :: this is an ever-changing space where resolutions are constantly refined
this and all associated pages :: IP + copyright © :: evan brinkman :: 2004 - 2011 :: except as noted

Digital Media :: Allen Sayegh, Jeffrey Huang :: Spring 2004

contact :: contact me for more work samples or other conversations :: evan at mantzer dot com

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blog :: this is a link to my blog created for my digital media class - frozen in time, one day to be begun anew.

Structural Surfaces :: Martin Bechthold:: Spring 2004

digital :: this is a link to computer images catalogued by the software used to make them - coming soon!

manual :: this is a link to physical models i've made using a variety of tools & techniques - coming soon!

professional :: these links below open to websites and work samples of the firms I've worked for
Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects :: Formosa 1140, Urban Paramount, Artisan, WA Lofts, 12 Houses
Machado & Silvetti Associates :: Shady Hill, Silver Spring, Sewoon Competition
Hewitt Architects, Inc :: Klee Apartments, Denny & Western, Harbor Steps Art
Barron & Toups Architects :: Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Dugas Renovations, Lee Carport