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03.14.04 :: 3:55 pm :: sontag

so, eventually this blog will transition into being a more personal blog and less of a scholastic one... but of course that would normally happen when i don't have this class (digital media) any more... but that will actually be the end of my term here at the gsd (i'm graduating) anyway, so it will likely be in another locale... anyway, it's sunday afternoon, things are going pretty well. dee and i had a nice time last night going out with some friends (ben and lea) to a movie and then over to visit with some other *new* friends (lina and anders) who were really fun but kept us up and drinking white russians (the first time a white russian has served me a white russian:) until 3am. and now i'm back at school, trying to catch up with my work, finish modeling, and finally start the investigation into tensile structures for my structural surfaces class. this is more or less procrastination, but i wanted to post the progress shot of my model (more has since been done as well, and also test out some new colors i just discovered... not too dissimilar from what i already have, but they somehow seemed new when i saw them. thoughts? i saw them here. they could make for a nice logo:)

03.16.04 :: 10:17 pm :: the blog giveth + the blog taketh away

so, i'm still procrastinating and not doing my structural surfaces homework - i mean really, it involves pantyhose - but i wanted to add a few more progress shots of my model. i've been spending way too much time on it but i'm sort of that superanal type that once i start something i have to finish it. this is especially problematic in cases of detail - i want to have a level of detail and that's the level of detail we're going to see. i guess, perhaps, that i'm more the type to not finish than compromise my standards. but, i will finish:) on another note, i've reviewed the blogs today, and it's kind of difficult to add futher comments on them when it doesn't appear as though they are being updated. of course, the MArch 1s have been busy prepping for their midterm review. sebastian's is new, and becky has successfully gotten the "rollover-image-to-appear-in- another-window javascript" to work - which is something i'd like to figure out as well.

just a little more to go: finish the circulation, the roof, then, animate! i lightened the backgound and moved the lights to help it out a bit.

03.22.04 :: 1:31 am :: band on the run

ok, so i'm giving myself 30 minutes to get this together. the animations and the renderings are all done, just having the little problems like ususal - i split the animation into two .mov files to make the process easier, but i'm having trouble stiching them and not losing more information - there doesn't seem to be a copy of quicktime pro in this school and i'm pretty sure i could do it there without it being so lossy... so, i'm working on that - i'll try again in a moment - but for now, here are some final model shots in addition to the stills.

the below are some sample shots of the final model. it is just over 30mb... too big, i suppose, but i just got more ram! so it hasn't been a problem so far except that i crashed 3ds because i hit the key when i was using auto key (not set key) which it didn't seem to like.

03.22.04 :: 1:58 am :: stills born

to understand what i'm about to say, click on this link to see my animation stills. so, if you didn't realize it, this is like one of those 'find what's missing in the adjacent image' games. have fun, each one is different. maybe jog your eyes crazily back and forth until you convulse....... if you want to talk about real stuff, i'll try. this animation could be voiced over as follows: with an existing building on the site, four distinct rectilinear masses are added. each volume flexes slightly to reveal an entry, emphasize an edge, corner, etc, (furthering the berliner's obsession with the curve) . each one in turn finds its home position and then BAM! the building is timelapse-constructed illustrating the emphasis placed on the plan.

i have a few more stills here than are called for because 450 doesn't evenly divide by 20:) i would like to do the later part over again with more time - the gradual building is quite nice.

03.24.04 :: 10:42 pm :: framing it like it is

i'm going on vacation tomorrow to seattle and i'm planning to enjoy every minute of it. so at this time i am not going to do further work towards the next assignment: framing the image. instead you get these three not-so-exciting views (that will remain small so i can pique your interest) to act as so called 'place-holders' for further effort - like color for pete's sake. i have done a rough radiosity but it seems to be lacking in my opinion...time will tell how that plays out. of course we haven't had the lighting/rendering tutorial yet. i would do more exterior views because i think they are really exciting, but they are memory intensive because i they contain so much of the project within the scene. they also add the 'what to do about context' question. i'm not really this cynical, i'm just still tired and recovering from midterms...

04.06.04 :: 11:48 am :: Assignment 4 :: Framing

so, the break has left me shy of completing this portion (ie, additional modeling, materials and lighting) but i have chosen three views based on existing photographs of the building that i will aim to emulate. i have done this because much of the building, exterior wise, is contextually embedded and i don't currently have the desire to simulate it with either a background photograph or additional modeling... i will add more detail and information in the coming days. check out the comparison here.

04.22.04 :: 4:24 pm :: blogged down

welcome back to the blog, it's been a while. in case you need directions to graduation, i've created this page here. but what i imagine you are really here for is Assignment 5 :: Hyperrealism. yes, folks, you've been waiting a long time for this (as i have - i'm still waiting on one rendering and the project is due in 33 minutes). so here it is, in all its glory. most things went smoothly, but i think that i have a much greater grasp of materials and maps than of lighting. raytracing, radiosity, when and how to use them (separately, together) and with what lights, still stumps me a little bit. i think that's partly because i didn't get results that i like better with radiosity (even after wasting all that time so it could generate the mesh) so what you see here is all raytraced rather than rendered with 'hyperreal diffuse lighting,' i.e., radiosity. of course everthing is saved in its final state and i will continue to try out new things - this seems to be an endless process and better performed with smaller models, namely, at the product design or room level rather than at the building scale. but enough about that. on to the show.

05.25.04 :: 5:46 pm :: signing off :(

well, this may be the end (say it ain't so, joe!). class is over (i have one more final tomorrow) and then i graduate. i'd love to keep working on this and all but there may be a lengthy hiatus until i am able to come up with a copy of dreamweaver and a server (ah, the rugges) to put this up on again... so, likely there will be no more new entries until this page disappears ..... t-minus 36 days :: june 30, 2004. but, i enjoyed it; blogging and all. now to find something else to do with my (daily) life. i'm job hunting of course, so if you find yourself here and you do snazzy work and pay well :) call me up :) salud.

05.25.04 :: 5:01 pm :: beans & disease to you too

Assignment 6 :: Compositing is here! i have to say that with all the effort i put into thinking about filming and filming and 'capturing' the film, the film part - the digital video - was actually the least successful part of my process/project. of course, i've learned a lot and now know so much more (for when i make more bluescreen videos !?)... but, anyhow, it was a learning experience, and i learned that when there's a lack of good video, focus on sound (a la La Jetée or The Passenger - that last scene is incredible!), which was actually fun. of course, you can't see (hear) it in the stills, so you'll just have to get your grubby little hands on an original copy:) bring the big dogs, too, because it capped out at 1.5GIGS! when compressed as composite video but a measley 150mb as cinepak....

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e v a n ::  b r i n k m a n

this next set of images is from Tom Mayne's monograph Morphosis: Buildings and Projects 1993 - 1997. Mayne also utilizes very illustrative renderings that function as 'drawings' as well as pretty pictures. Mayne, another FormZ user, in addition to the sectional technique, enjoys rendering or partially rendering objects in his scenes as wireframe. although occasionally difficult to read due to their chaotic and complex nature, they clearly set Mayne apart.

02.22.04 :: 7:01pm :: final word on precedents

as you can tell, i'm not really into photo-realistic renderings. of course there's a time and a place for them, but if they aren't as accurate as you want [ie, if you're not a master] i ultimately think that you are wasting your time and that you might as well make either A: a pretty picture or B: a drawing that tells all - either about your space, or your idea, or both. that's where the real truth is anyway.

i'm off to have dinner, but i'll be back to add the images of the second half of assignment 1 :: document. until then, let it be known that my expectations for this class are as follows: master 3dStudio. 3d Autocad sucks, do anything you can to let it go. i had the pleasure to first use autocad way back in 1990...before windows!...and man, what fun that was/ gotta learn another to get outta that hole.

02.22.04 :: 9:01 pm :: Assignment 1 :: Document

in lieu of putting these images on a side bar [and furthering your endless scrolling] i'm going to place the images of my project to be documented [the gsw headquarters] here. note the varying complexity that could be added to the model after the initial [extruded] geometry - especially the exterior skin, the roof wing and certain structural details. i will add as much as time and sanity permit. here are a plan and section at 1:1000 [i can only assume that's in meters]. note that the square block building attached at the rear was existing and joined to the new construction. images from GSW Hauptverwaltung 2001.

Assignment 1 :: Precedent

me you him her us them

coursework spring 2004

structural surfaces

digital media

legal aspects in design





02.25.04 :: 12:46 am :: portfolio online!

well, if you can believe it, after all these years, portions of my portfolio are now online. having a digital portfolio finally comes in handy - transforming it to the web was surprisingly easy. it was created in FreeHand and has a few screw-ups that i may get to correcting in the future, but mostly it's exciting just to see it there - especially the part where the files were converted to Flash and can be enlarged! i will add more to it as i continue to work and continue the job search. i have yet to decide if the same format will govern when i add the latest work to it [on the web it's separate] but i don't have too much time, the career fair is 03.05.04, the day before my birthday:) more soon.

03.08.04 :: 9:47 am :: Assignment 2 :: Digital Model

so, i'm behind in my work like usual (well, you know, i did participate in the career fair - i'm graduating - and it was my 27th birthday on saturday) and late for work, but here are the images from project 1 (or is it 2?). i think the images look ok for the most part, considering there are only two materials in the scene. try not to pay any attention to the fact that i've only modeled 1/4 of the building...i'll keep working on it. it certainly was slow starting out. like i said, i'm late for work, but i'll update the rest of the stuff this afternoon (ie, links to other blogs). check out the bar to the left for the images. i've decided that for now you will have to suffer with endless scrolling. it's faster for me than making a new html page:)

03.09.04 :: 1:53 pm :: loose ends

so, class begins in now 6 minutes, but i'm lightning fast :) here are some other blogs that i'm interested in (content and/or assignment 2 renderings). have fun. more to come soon, i promise..

blog blog blog blog blog bonus

Assignment 2 :: Digital Model

the following images are in-progress renderings of my digital project :: the gsw headquarters. watch for more as they are updated. zip file

go :: Assignment 2 :: Digital Model


the following images are taken from Neil Denari's monograph Gyroscopic Horizons. i find them to be compelling renderings in their simplicity as well as in their ability to convey relevant information.Note how Denari utilizes the sectioning capabilities of FormZ.

things you will eventually want to know ::

02.18.04 :: 11:01 pm :: blog update

i've chosen the project i will be documenting [with 3ds] :: the gsw headquarters by sauerbruch+hutton. it's a project i fell in love with while visiting berlin in 2000. i will eventually post my own photographs. it's not too geometrically complicated, but there is a certain level of detail it will require to maintain visual interest, as well as the complicated color/textures which will certainly be interesting when we get into the rendering portion of the class.

02.16.04 :: 10:01 pm :: blog online

digital media 2107 :: blog, 3d modeling, hyperreal rendering. yeah, so, i have some experience with digital media, but it's been 5 years already since i took my last dm class on formz and photoshop. this time it will be 3ds and dreamweaver in lieu of raw html. i'm sure i'll be learning something and that as i come up with a design for this site it will continue to improve - it will take many a revision, i'm sure.

Digital Media Notes

02.22.04 :: 5:33 pm :: latest and greatest

project and precedents have been scanned, formatted and are ready to be inserted. the layout of this site and understanding dreamweaver conceptually is a little bit more difficult than expected - at least the part where, along the way, i'm sure i'll come to learn several ways to streamline the whole process...where a certain amount [exact] of consistency can be created in advance. forms i tell ya, forms. we should all get out there and listen to edward tufte.