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03.august.2005 :: wednesday :: to everyone who was married on this day (especially if it was three years ago) i congratulate you and wish you the best for many more years of loving happiness!

how often do you get to sleep until eleven-forty-five in the morning in the middle of the week? after sitting for three days for the california bar exam, criss-crossing los angeles for four days looking for an apartment, then getting up at four o'clock in the morning for early flights out of LAX, the slow morning was much-needed and highly appreciated by all involved. late lunch at darwin's, a detour through the student work at the gsd, an afternoon rendezvous with lea and ben that happily spilled into a happy hour dinner at grendel's, and now a cool breeze through the east windows of 409...these things i'll miss when we move to california, no question. another thing to miss is that all of the above are within walking distance. there is certain to be a new list of favorites soon, but i imagine at least some of those will be discovered and thereafter accessed with the use of our new car. it's a hybrid, but as they say, any car can be a green car...just walk, bike, carpool, or make use of public transportation and leave the thusly-green car at home :)