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02.june.2005 :: thursday :: once removed

i discovered this morning that my fellow classmates and i have been removed from the harvard university directory. seems strange, since we have yet to actually graduate. maybe the administrators aren't in to hair-splitting. we have, after all, already finished in the technical sense. whatever the reason for the unceremonious erasure, it feels strange to be dumped from the electronic community...

more importantly, heute hat Michael Geburtstag! 50 Jahre alt bist er jetzt. you'd never know it, i swear. we don't see each other nearly enough, what with the big ocean that lies between us, but i do fancy my dad's little brother. he's quite a guy. just the kind of uncle every kid wishes she had... so, i know it's stilted, but this is the only way i know how to say it: zum Geburtstag viel Glueck :) i've put something in the mail for you - sorry; it'll be quite late.

finally, i'd like to sing the praises of the harvard house of pizza. it's not exactly easy to find a good pizza in these parts, but said establisment turns out a perfect circle of culinary bliss every time. the crust is just right, the sauce is awesome, the toppings are always expertly placed and spaced (and fresh), and it's cheap, to boot! we'll be enjoying a greek pizza tonight. other flavors i recommend include tomato & feta cheese, pineapple & ham, pepperoni, artichoke & tomato & feta cheese, etc. you can't really go wrong...if you're in the neighborhood, stop in some time. they're on the west side of mass ave, about half-way between harvard square and porter square. otherwise, call them and have it delivered...always with a smile...617.864.8090. guten appetit!

17.june.2005 :: friday :: roadrunner

yesterday marked an exciting event in the adventures of ee&dee...we went out for a run in this record-breaking cool air, and with evan three steps ahead of me all the way around our loop, we ran my fastest time ever by almost a minute-twenty. i was pleased as punch, as they say :) for the the last couple of successful runs, i'd been pacing myself to an eight-count. this time, ned's theme from the life aquatic with steve zissou was cycling through my mind. i recommend both the movie and the pacer song.

in other news, commencement came and went before i knew what was happening...i have photos that prove we were all there, but apparently some random guy was there with us...except he was really on some kind of hunting/fishing outing. antlers, camoflage, a pier, lots of water, other unidentifiable objects, the works. weird. random guy with a FDNY cap and camo jacket, are you out there? are all of my friends in their graduation regalia all over the pictures of your hunting trip? maybe we can sort this out somehow. if anyone can explain how my film was exposed to someone else's photos, i'd love to know. the only hypothesis i have is a long shot at best...the film itself was inadvertantly recycled by the manufacturer, so that i was shooting over already exposed frames? i know, it doesn't seem possible. but what the hell else could it have been? your guess is as good as mine. shoot me a line at dorothee-at-mantzer-dot-com if you think you've got it figure out, okay? i'm curious. one of the more artistic examples shows bryan and lea, separated at night by a pier leading to nowhere...

springing executory interest. there! i had to say it...

27.june.2005 :: monday :: meatwave

ever had a footlong hotdog on a regular-sized bun? then you'll know the dilemma: do you dress the dog full-length or only the length of the bun? evan went for full-length last thursday at the northshore spirit game, and it was a good move. a little baseball, a little home crowd, a little relish and mustard, and a little beer...it was the perfect recipe for a four-hour vacation from what has of late turned into a grind of epic proportions. tickets are cheap, the game is good...

then the heat settled in...this is a notoriously windy town, but the atmosphere seemed paralyzed this weekend...not even a breath to tickle the leaves on the oaks outside our windows or prod the heavy air from one open window to the next. just still. and hot. tater tot.