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06.april.2005 :: wednesday :: some like it hot

amazingly, my wish that spring would have arrived in cambridge by the time evan and i returned from our travels on the west coast seems to have been realized. this is no eastern carolina spring, but yesterday it was warm enough that i felt compelled to skip ballet to go for a run instead (the first in exactly two months). every joe and his sister was on the charles river path...walkers, runners, cyclists, loungers, dogs...apparently i'm not the only one who's been itching for some fresh air and sun. all of the snow was melted from the route; there is no trace of the ice that sealed the river for so long. several crews of rowers were out for their late afternoon training in the ever-present charles river wind. we have no buds on the trees yet, but i spied a patch of daffodils along the way. add that to the couragous crocuses that came up and blossomed in the neighboring building's patch of dirt before we left and things actually seem normal, even if behind by two months.

...and how 'bout them Tarheels? that was a great game. i felt some measure of vindication for all of those games where the officials seemed to favor Duke when the announcer exclaimed, "that's an illegal screen!" nothing happened, of course, except that Carolina won anyway. i never really understood these lyrics or why someone would have chosen them, but after the game they seemed on point:
i'm a tarheel born
i'm a tarheel bred
and when i die
i'll be a tarheel dead!

'nuff said.

13.april.2005 :: wednesday :: abominable snow-woman

yesterday on my way to class i noticed that the forsythia has started to blossom in our neighborhood...on my way home from class it was significantly colder outside, and a few minutes after i got home, it was snowing. nevertheless, i've banished my gloves and hat to the closet for the season. seriously...

so the law school's public interest auction is tomorrow night...everyone's big chance to throw money at those who give up the fancy summer associate salary to fight the good fight instead. if you happen to be in town, the event is worth the detour and the evening spent on campus. austin hall. silent auction at five-thirty. live auction at eight o'clock. bid high, bid frequently, feel happy...

19.april.2005 :: tuesday :: scrabble babble

we just had an all-time high score in our scrabble game, but t'was nothing compared to the stats posted by the lexington scrabble club just up the road...that link ought to keep ya'll busy for a while.