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02.february.2005 :: wednesday :: groundhog day :: it was sunny...

this semester, harvard law school has its first class on environmental law in the three years i've been a student here. others have come close...federal public lands, for instance, but this appears to be a sincere effort by our awesome dean to begin filling this gaping whole in the expertise of the hls faculty and the curriculum here. things do change, even in institutions with as much inertia as this place has. it's a good sign, i think...

most law students seem to have (like other people-gasp!) amazing talents hidden up their sleeves. i had a glimpse of that phenomenon a couple of weeks ago when a certain beautiful friend invited me to a reading being held by her creative writing class. the tiny pieces the authors treated us to were delicious...the whole event was really quite impressive. it definitely added a layer to my appreciation of this already complex experience...


23.february.2005 :: wednesday :: been a while

it looks like we - the collective denisens of the northeast - are in for another snowy back stretch of the long winter. yesterday endowed us with another several inches that are currently giving our building's painter/handyman a hard time with parking in the natural-state, unplowed parking lot below our window. this week my hat is off to him. last week he finally received orders (that's what they're called around here) to work on the nasty, rotten hole in our bathroom ceiling. yes, water damage and falling debris is what $1200 a month will get around here. that and an otherwise fantastic little apartment. it really is worth visiting, even if we're not! in one short day, sam-the-armenian-painter fixed pretty much everything,,,in a second day, he painted over all of the repairs. save for the lingering fumes, we're as good as new! maybe it was not really worth writing about, but after showering under such decay for a year and half, it seems exciting to me. as sam-the-armenian-painter said to me when he came in for a diagnostic look, "What is this? we don't live in afghanistan!"

in other news, after having recurring dreams about returning to dancing en pointe, i finally asked my ballet teacher about giving it a shot...next week i'll be donning the klassische balletschuhe that my german grandfather bought for me just before i stopped dancing...they've been nestled in their own little box, with ribbons already sewn on, for the past ten years. i'm not sure what the fascination is, exactly...maybe it will wear off after the first excruciating class.

the story most newsworthy of all, even though everyone knew it was coming, is our engagement. this experience...walking with another through life as equals...my words are inadequate, the phenomenon is unique to the pair, and fortunately many know it first-hand...therefore i will stop here. peace to you!

28.february.2005 :: monday :: out with a shout

'twas a lovely weekend again. ich schreibte meiner Oma ein Brief, um dass wir uns verlobten anzumelden. my German stinks these days, unfortunately...especially in written form. there was a time when i felt completely at ease in my super-mother tongue, but that was almost five years ago, and i came back to this side of the atlantic just as things were getting good. i've only been back once since then, and even that was for an insignificant amount of time as far as languate re-aquisition goes. sad, but true. i have to credit a newly discovered online translator for the assistance it provided with my letter telling Oma of our engagement. the translations weren't perfect, but most mistakes were easy to catch, and the vovabulary help was monumental.

saturday included a pilgrimmage to boston dancewear to get new ribbons for my pointe shoes, a new pair of soft shoes, and various miscellany. my ballet buddy Eli was my guide, as i have been past the store a million times without even noticing it. she bought a new pair of pointe shoes with oscar's expert assistance...he made the trip out there (twenty minutes or so on the #1 when i was feeling a little green already) more than worth it. i probably won't be needing any more gear in the near future, but will definitely be going back to enjoy his company...soon, i hope :) in the mean time, i highly recommend the place for pointe shoe fitting. oscar was a professional dancer for years, and his love for the art comes through in his thorough evaluations of dancers' needs...even casual dancers like us...

my former professor, Andy Kaufman, recently published an op-ed in the the National Law Journal on judicial ethics; specifically, on ex parte communications seeking advice on recusal. Professor Kaufman is one of my favorite professors, and the article reflects the wisdom and style that underlie my high opinion of him. take a look!

my brother and his fiancée just sent out an announcment for their upcoming wedding...it was the first time i heard the story and circumstances of their engagement. seems my brother has a bit of my great-grandfather's poetic skill in him :) it feels both strange and wonderful to discover such things about my brother. we've been apart for ten years already, and he has added - or i perceive that he has - many layers of beautiful complexity in that time. i know i've said it before, but congratulations, Zack! may you and Jocelyn have many long, peaceful years of growth and happiness :)