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12.january.2005 :: wednesday :: a good day to contemplate time and aging.

for the past week or two, cambridge has been a cold, snowy, slush-mess full of unpleasant surprises for the unsuspecting pedestrian. drippy socks is definitely one of the drawbacks of living in new england, but being outside while snow is falling has always delighted me. we indulged in that very activity last saturday, taking in the peaceful situation of the (very) old cemetery at garden street and massachusetts ave. many of the stones have worn surprisingly little over the past three hundred odd years. the curious, beautiful carvings kept our interest for quite some time despite the rapid shift from snow to sleet to rain...the skull and wings representation of the angel of death was particularly stunning, and seemed quite popular in its day (late eighteenth century or so, if i recall). seems strange that such imagery today is more likely to be found on the cover of a heavy metal (death metal?) album than in a religious setting...but good graphics go a long way just about anywhere, i suppose.


17.january.2005 :: monday :: dr. Martin luther king, jr. i wonder what he would be doing these days; what else would have happened...

so the patriots won [again] yesterday in typical cold, snowy, new england post-season weather. humpf. i was more excited about seeing the falcons play such a great game on saturday, as zack's old friend, alge crumpler, is one of the star players for the team. i think [hope] the falcons will win the superbowl this year...but that's a non-football fan's perspective, so take it with a grain of salt. as i was telling evan and lea and ben, it's not so much the game as the company that i enjoy...but that i enjoy very much :) it's nice to have interested uncles and friends...

yesterday was my second trip to a new ballet class at the dance complex. the advanced beginner class i've been frequenting is more advanced than beginner, but the challenge makes it exciting, and dancing with live piano is awesome...definitely makes up for the embarassing moments. yay, ballet!

this morning i went to our neighborhood abp to round up croissants, coffee, and other breakfast goodies for evan and me. as we had gotten up extra early to accomodate work needs, it was still dark outside when i put my fifty cents into the boston globe newspaper box...consequently, i pulled out saturday's paper without noticing the date. not to worry...i had not read it yet anyway. back at home, after rummaging through the paper backwards, section-by-section, i eventually noticed the following headline at the bottom of the front page: "boston high-tech law giant dissolves." that's Testa, hurwitz & thibeault. i worked there last summer in the intellectual property group. true, ten partners left the business equity group in december, but i had no idea the firm was headed toward dissolution. it was a good place. nice people, interesting clients, relatively relaxed atmosphere...i hope that other firms that know how valuable it is to treat associates humanely are still out there and doing well. i find the powerhouse lawfirm phenomenon an unfortunate one, and am sad to see TH&T close its doors. strange to see such a recent page in my life-experience history vanish, and along with it any thought of returning there for employment down the road. sigh....th&t, so long...farewell.

26.january.2005 :: wednesday :: reason #327 not to have a car :: no shovelling out required :: reason #328 not to have a car :: you can't drive one without a valid driver's license.

there was still about two and a half feet of snow on the ground, much of it plowed into monster-sized piles, when more snow began to fall late last night. it's pretty! my new hiking boots make navigating all but the deapest drifts a piece of cake. evan gave them to me right before the first significant snowfall...perfect timing, as usual :)

everyone knows that winning the lottery is more likely (even if you've never bought a ticket) than completing one's business at the dot/dmv/rmv (whatever it's called in your neck of the woods) in less than two visits, right? then why (o! why) did i think i could march into the boston branch of the massachusetts rmv to get an "out of state conversion" (doesn't that sound like something in football?) in one fell swoop this morning? could it have been that i checked online first, carefully noting that out of state conversions cannot be completed at the cambridge branch, where i had planned to go? could it have been than i brought my old north carolina driver's license, my passport, a bank statement, and a phone bill with me to ensure the clerk beyond a reasonable doubt that i am, in fact, who i say i am? whatever it was that made me think i had the odds beat today, i was wrong. even batting my eyelashes (specially mascara-ed just for my new ID photo) at the clerk was of no avail. she needed one more thing...my social security card, a cancelled check, anything...to prove either my date of birth or that the signature present on two of the documents i had with me was actually mine. all i can say is...what rot! didn't i have to produce everything she was asking for (and more) to get the old driver's license and the passport anyway? i bet i even had to produce a birth certificate for that passport. not good enough. i might add that no one still gets cancelled checks back from the bank these days, either. sure, we get those little scanned, reduced images, but it has to be the real deal for the rmv. given that i haven't seen my social security card in about two and a half years, i'm not so sure i have anything that will satisfy these people. did i mention that it will cost $110 if i can come up with the goods? they aren't so friendly to us out-of-staters up here...maybe i can make it until we move...whenever that is...when we can dig our way out of this snow? oh yeah, i forgot...can't really move anywhere without a car...or drive one without a license...seems i'm stuck for now...