27.october.2004 :: wednesday :: red sox win one for uncle lewis and grampa :) it's a good day to come home to boston. a toast to eight-six years! i think my favorite red sox player of the series was orlando cabrerra. for the alcs it was david ortiz. happy, happy...
20.october.2004 :: wednesday :: countdown :: today was filled with beautiful things...the half hour or so of warm sunlight that accompanied my run by the river; the leaves i spied shaking in the wind on a tree through the alley that looked like a pair of hands moving in a strange dance; the unexplained fireworks show that greeted me from the east this evening...the trio of prettiness made me warm :)

19.october.2004 :: tuesday :: good love

i made it :) this afternoon i had my interview for the beagle fellowship after about 36 hours of chaos. it was fairly low-key, and i have a better understanding of the purpose of the fellowship now. the hour passed quickly. now that it is over, this little one is looking forward to thursday and new orleans :) it's still warm there...not here...

i spent saturday and sunday at k acres with grammy, mom, sanna, christine, sally, gloria, wendy and norma...it was quite a collection of women with diverse life histories...some longer than others :) gloria said what i was thinking all weekend from behind the camera at rena's cave: you are beautiful! it was unusual to be around most of these women without the men there, too. i think i have not been paying enough attention to them...it's so easy to orient to the wonderful, strong, loving men in my family...i like it best when everyone is together at once, but am thankful for the special atmosphere that cradled us all this weekend.

14.october.2004 :: thursday :: time warp :: this monday was columbus day, and i've been confused about what day it is ever since. yes, tomorrow is friday.

mom arrived yesterday for the first part of her trip to williamsburg to visit grammy. she and i had a relaxing afternoon...we leafed through some books (polka bats and octopus slacks, matthew ritchie, die Wurzelkinder), poked our noses into harvard yard, and located greenough hall, apparently the site of some mischevious activity upwards of thirty years ago. (!) melinda came over for their first-time meeting, and after evan came home we went to india castle for dinner...mmmmm....

the last presidential debate and the red sox vs. yankees game were on the agenda when we returned home. as my admin law professor remarked this morning in class (mom sat in on it), he believes in retrospect that instead of flipping channels between the two, he should have just gone to bed....

05.october.2004 :: tuesday :: this morning i went to the division of unemployement assistance to observe a hearing for one of my clients, but the employer's witness decided not to show up, so nothing happened. the absence was particularly stupid because it was the employer who appealed for the hearing in the first place. if they manage to clear the default for not showing and a new hearing is scheduled, i may just do it myself. that'd be exciting :)

3 october marked two years since evan took me to the blaxploitation documentary film that was our first date :) we went to harvest sunday evening to celebrate that and his new job at machado silvetti...it was a fantastic dinner. the last time we went was for my birthday in 2003. i had a contracts exam that day, and evan surprised me for dinner...another happy memory.

speaking of anniversaries, my parents' was this past weekend :) happy anniversary, guys! last i heard, they were headed for the beach. sounds good to me! mom is coming next week for a brief stay before she goes out to williamsburg to visit grammy. our exchange student, sanna, who lived with us nearly 20 years ago in Greenville is back in the states from finland this semester in school in Tennessee, and she's coming up to the farm for the weekend, too. i'm super excited to see all three of them.

so i'm curious to see the vice presidential debate this evening...i'll be waiting for my peapod groceries to arrive, so won't be joining anders et al at the kennedy school this time. chances are i'll be able to hear more of what's said, though...the crowd over there was pretty excited. it seems that vice president cheney doesn't have much luster, but i'm guessing he'll put on a strong show nonetheless. i credit edwards with being more savvy, though...i think it's going to be interesting, and that we'll have another reason (as if we needed one) to vote for the kerry/edwards ticket after tonight.

01.october.2004 :: friday :: it's 6:18pm and the sky is on its way to being dark...

evan and i went to the k-school to watch the debate last night. neither of us needed convincing that it is imperative to vote for john kerry, but after his performance i can finally say that i feel positively about the democratic candidate. President Bush was more useless, stuttering, and incoherent than i expected. our friend, anders, thought that the questions for Bush were hardballs, while kerry was getting softies, but i think they both were asked tough questions. while President Bush struck out time after time, kerry was simply more adept at maneuvering around the question. i would prefer that kerry answer the questions directly, but his ability to field the tough ones at least is some indication of strong brain activity. sarcasm aside, it is my opinion that kerry did start getting more specific and giving good answers as the debate proceeded. President Bush had a bad start and never gave us any reason that he should get a second term in the white house. his theme seems to be "vote for me, i'll stay the course." given that his administration's course has been, in my view, entirely disastrous, i think that's a self-defeating message. that said, i hope his campaign keeps using it...

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