31.august.2004 :: i just finished making some minor edits to my resume. hopefully it reads better and is more appealing to the eye now. putzing around with this website is definitely more fun than watching the republican national convention. a more informative political discussion presented itself at lunch today with bob jablon, the attorney with whom i'm working on an appeal brief. i rattled on about some people i admire, and he surprised me by saying that former congresswoman pat schroeder was a classmate of his at HLS. amazing woman. i recommend her book, which mom gave me right about when i graduated from college. i think i might read it again soon...

29.august.2004 :: the fam and i got home a little while ago from a weekend at their place on the severn river. the house was wrecked in the flooding of hurricane isabell last fall...for now, the living quarters are located in the finished upstairs of the garage. jack and i laid a brick walkway to the entrance on saturday, and we all did some planting today. fun, hot work. i seem to have located a few new muscle groups in my mid and lower back... anyway, it was a nice weekend.

so i've been reflecting on my classes, thinking about what's been good, bad, ugly...and contemplating if there are lessons to be learned beyond subject matter. high-ranking on the list are federal public lands and planning and environmental law. both pursuable at nrdc. i also liked patent law - on the menu at tht. good options...i'm thinking about ditching my current class schedule to pick up where i left off with those...yes, school starts next week. dig it.

26.august.2004 :: it's the end of august, and today i actually wrote 2003 in the date on a document at work. makes me wonder...

the news that caught my eye today was the recently-released data on the number people in this country (no, actually it said "Americans," in which case the news is probably even worse than it seemed) living below the poverty line. that's a little over $9,000 for one person and a little over $18,000 for a family of four. the numbers have been growing steadily over the past three years, with the biggest percentage increase among children, no less. salary-wise, white people average the highest in the nation; hispanics average the least. such statistics frustrate me as much as the glaring lack of parity between the sexes in the upper levels of government in the U.S. this country is slow to change. so i urge you all to vote in this and every election - at all levels of government. do you know who your state legislator is??

25.august.2004 :: the phoenix rises from a mysterious internet disconnect last night. this afternoon, the odd little sparrow that frequents the gravel roof outside my office window was replaced by two bully starlings. winged rats. they chased each other around with their short little tail feathers and creepy walk. i/we [grammy&evan, too] prefer birds that hop. btw - i had the date wrong yesterday. it was 24.august.2004.

question of the day: what plans do bush and kerry have to avoid the social security/federal deficit trainwreck that's looming on the not-so-distant horizon? please, let me know if you have an answer...

23.august.2004 :: home from work, inattentively watching the olympics (wrestling??), wondering at the bright, yellow half-moon that's peering in through the cupula window. i think a guy was just pinned. strange sport. these days a book has captured my imagination...Wicked[Gregory Maguire]. it first came to my attention on a flight - to texas, i think, for Lea and Ben's wedding - in the form of an article in the airplane magazine about the musical by the same name currently selling out on broadway. cool poster, huh? i'd like to see the show this fall...elphaba reminds me of me at times...

now, let's see if this works...hello, world!

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